Monday, 16 March 2009

"Our bodies are designed to eat meat ..."

Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with the title of this entry, I was a little surprised at its source. In the same article I found this:

We evolved essentially as hunters, which means we need high nutrient food for energy and stamina. We have a short digestive throughput - we don't need to keep food in our bodies for a long time because we can extract a high proportion of nutrients from what we eat.

and this:

Animals designed to be vegetarians have a different system: think of the cow with all its stomachs geared to deal with cellulose. The cow may thrive on grass but it spends all its time eating and regurgitating. We don't.

and best of all, this:

Of course it's possible to survive without animal products but meat has an important part to play in a balanced diet. The recent attitude that red meat especially is inherently bad for you, and that you'll get cancer and heart disease and high cholesterol, worries me because it's just not true.

Of course it's not true! It's what many of us have been saying for a long time but we might just as well have been whistling in the wind.

So who made these radical statements? None other than a member of The Fat Panel, Dr Paul Stillman, in a Daily Mail debate on vegetarianism.

Oops! It looks as if he dropped a clanger there!


  1. On the down side, he concludes:

    "A lot of animal fat is bad for us, but it's perfectly possible to separate meat eating from fat eating - and meat is much leaner nowadays."

    Which shows which side his bread is buttered (except I doubt that he would eat butter!)

  2. That is MOST unfortunate. I was just going to make Barry Groves aware of this statement - believing that this Dr. Stillman might be a possible ally. But the last two paragraphs put paid to that I am afraid. Still - it doesn't sound as bad as in the past and certainly a lot better than the crappy information that the FSA puts out at the moment.


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