Friday, 25 February 2011

Red and processed meat causes cancer ... again???

The Iron and Health report is now out, and it makes very interesting reading - very interesting indeed.

Table A47 [pp 348-351] lists all the 'red meat' in the survey - and remember, this is what the health warning is based on. Here are the entries for beef:

Beef burger and onion fried not 100% meat 60% beef
Beef burger and onion grilled 77% beef
Beef burger economy fried 60% beef
Beef burger economy grilled 60% beef
Beef burgers economy frozen raw 60% beef
Beef burgers in gravy canned 40% beef
Beef burgers low-fat fried 80% beef
Beef burgers with onion frozen raw 77% beef
Beef casserole ready meal in gravy and veg 22% beef
Beef chicken and pork satay 22% pork, 22% beef
Beef cobbler with baked beans and carrots retail 12% beef
Beef curry as served with rice retail 6% beef
Beef curry frozen/chilled ready meal no rice 24% beef
Beef curry no rice retail 11% beef
Beef curry with rice ready meal retail 12% beef
Beef enchilladas ready meal retail 21% beef
Beef hot pot with pots ready meal retail 24% beef
Beef in red wine sauce with mashed potato retail 22% beef
Beef minced in gravy canned 75% beef
Beef minced pie filling canned 75% beef
Beef minced reformed pie filling + onion canned 75% beef
Beef oriental with rice retail 10% beefBeef stew and dumplings frozen or chilled ready meal 10% beef
Beef stewed made w canned stewing steak + pulses 12% beef
Beef stewing reformed pie filling canned 75% beef
Beef wellington 31% beef

Can you see home-roast sirloin on the list? Or a nice, juicy rump steak? Or even a home-made burger?

No, neither can I! I was going to write at length, but frankly, my time is more valuable to me than wasting it on such rubbish.

However, I have asked the Department for Health why there's no REAL meat included in the survey. I won't be holding my breath, and I suggest you don't either.

I'm off to have myself a nice, juicy fillet steak with a small side salad!

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