Monday, 5 January 2009

Day one - Monday

Oh dear! Not a promising start as I somehow seem to have gained 2lb overnight, and I only ate the nuts from yesterday's snacks.


Breakfast - fried corned beef (left over from Saturday) and 2 eggs
Lunch - bacon, cheese and tomato omelette (this was to have been butternut squash soup, but then I discovered just how carb-filled it is)
Snacks - celery with cream cheese and 3 cashew nuts; 1 oz Cheddar cheese, 2 Cheddar crispie thins (Sainsbury's - just 1.3g carbs each) and butter
Dinner - lamb curry-less curry, red cabbage

Nutrition totals:
Carbs: 20g
Fat: 129g
Protein: 103g
Cals: 2,565

I know this works, so I'm keeping on keeping on ...

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