Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunless Sunday

Today's weigh-in "Stall-weight" +1

Grey and dull again today - and for a change it's windy! I've forgotten what the sun looks like!

Breakfast - Net Carbs: 2g, Cals: 565
75g bacon, 2 eggs and 2 tiny plum tomatoes

Lunch - Net carbs: 5g, Cals: 639
100g pork sausages with 100g coleslaw #1

Dinner - Net carbs: 12g, Cals: 653
200g beef pot-roast, 1 cup Brussels sprouts, half a cup cauliflower and one small potato croquette

Snacks - Net carbs: 3g, Cals: 254
3 raw cashew nuts
1oz Cheddar cheese, butter, 2 Cheddar cheese crispie thins

Daily totals: Net carbs: 21g, Cals: 2,127

Daily average: Net carbs: 24.25g, Cals: 1,975.5

Despite Saturday's bread I've managed to keep my averages below 25g carbs and 2,000 calories which will, I hope, make a difference on the scales next Monday.

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