Monday, 31 August 2009

At last the EU comes good!

According to today's Times newspaper the EU is cracking down on the claims made by food manufacturers, and not before time.

The full article can be read on the Times online website, but one quote stands out, neatly summing up all the spurious claims:

Kellogg’s, which admits making a “five-figure” donation to Heart UK, accepts there is no published scientific evidence to show that eating a daily bowl of Optivita lowers cholesterol.

A spokesman said: “We do have evidence of our own to show it reduces cholesterol, but we have not published it as it is proprietary and confidential. All our claims are backed by good science.”

Well of course! We believe you ... honest injun!


  1. Sorry to see you'd been poorly Megan - glad you are on the road to recovery now. Like you I am very happy about the new legislation governing the claims made by these "honourable" manufacturers!! Lol Lynn ♥

  2. A small step in the right direction. Unfortunately the article still follows the old "cholesterol is bad and must come down" as well as "saturated fat is bad and must be avoided" tack. Oh well. Give it another 25 years. By then, even Susan Jebb may have come round, though I have severe doubts that she ever shall.

  3. A step in the right direction, I guess!

  4. That should signal the end of the tiresome Aldo Zilli and his Optivita ads then.



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