Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wonderful coconut oil

Following my liver transplant I was seriously ill, and hospitalised for over two weeks, with CMV - cytomegalovirus - a member of the herpes family. As a consequence I have suffered from recurring episodes ever since, and this is usually controlled by acyclovir medication, but unfortunately I forgot to take these for a couple of weeks in July.

Two weeks ago I took ill with ulcers inside my mouth, on my tongue, with a red-raw throat, and I lost my voice completely. I had blood tests done but I was terrified of being hospitalised again because of CMV, so didn't wait for the results.

I began dosing myself with two tablespoons of coconut oil, four times a day, with the odd extra one thrown in for good measure. It took almost a week, but eventually the ulcers healed and I began to feel more human again.

Why did I use coconut oil? Because it is said to be anti-viral [and CMV is a virus] as well as being anti-bacterial.

Now, it could be that I would have got better without the coconut oil, but from my previous experience I don't believe CMV works like that.

I'll never be without coconut oil in the house in future.


  1. As a point of interest: did you gain any weight with eating such a lot of coconut oil?

  2. Good question, brainpower - no, I didn't. However, during that weekend I became hooked on carbs again, thanks to the ice-creams I had in the hotel! They soothed my mouth, but did me no good - as soon as I was able to eat again I started in on the bread, and THAT made me gain some pounds. I'm still struggling to get right off carbs again!

  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from the bread-disease!!! I love coconut oil myself and can actually eat it off the spoon.

  4. Coconut oil is great melted into a cup of rich creamy coffee, your lips are fantastic afterwards.

  5. Apparently pigs were fed coconut oil to fatten them up, but they all lost weight! Dr. Mary Enig wrote a book about how coconut oil helps you stay slim. Glad it did the trick for you Megan, and yes coconut oil in a hot drink does make your lips lovely and soft!


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