Saturday, 24 January 2009

Cheerful robin

During this very dull and miserable winter it's cheering to hear a bird sing again and know that somewhere in the garden there's a little robin collecting its brunch as I sort my menu for today.

Morning weigh-in "stall-weight" + 0.2lb. Saturday's a difficult day to cater for, so today's menu isn't the best of the week, but I suppose it could be worse. It's a bit high in protein, but low in carbs, at least.

Breakfast - Cals: 467; Fat: 37g; Net Carbs: 2g; Protein: 30g
bacon and eggs, fried

Lunch - Cals: 556; Fat: 52g; Net Carbs: 1g; Protein: 24g
100g chicken pieces fried in butter with 1 tbs mayonnaise

Dinner - Cals: 616; Fat: 56g; Net Carbs: 3g; Protein: 24g
Double-cheese omelette

Snacks - Cals: 197; Fat: 11g; Net Carbs: 1g; Protein: 24g
as lunch [cooking butter shared between both meals]

Daily totals: Cals: 1,835; Fat: 155g; Net Carbs: 6g; Protein: 102g

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