Friday, 23 January 2009


Morning weigh-in - "stall-weight" + 1.5lb. Down by 2.1lb on yesterday which just goes to show why you shouldn't normally weigh every day! Will the trend continue, I wonder?

After taking advice from fellow low-carbers I have today changed from a 70:30 split between fat and protein to an 80:20 split of total calories remaining after accounting for 10g carbs.

One other change I made yesterday morning was to move from Rooibos tea to Twining's Herbal & Fruit tea.

Breakfast - Cals: 503; Fat: 42g; Net Carbs: 3g; Protein: 27g
2 M&S sausages with 1 hard-boiled egg in mayonnaise.

Lunch - Cals: 477; Fat: 40g; Net Carbs: 0g; Protein: 29g
125g rump steak, sliced and cooked with 100g mushrooms, 25g butter and 20g double cream.

Dinner - Cals: 566; Fat: 48g; Net Carbs: 4g; Protein: 29g
150g pork loin chop, cooked with 100g mushrooms and 50g cream, with half a pack of salad

Snacks - Cals: 252; Fat: 23g; Net Carbs: 2g; Protein: 10g
1 M&S sausage with 1 tablespoon mayonnaise

Daily totals: Cals: 1798; Fat: 152g; Net Carbs: 9g; Protein: 95g

Daily goals: Cals: 1800; Fat: 155g; Net Carbs: <10g; Protein 90g.

Edited to add: At last some positive news. My blood results have all come back normal - for me, that is!

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