Friday, 30 January 2009


Morning weigh-in: "stall-weight" - 1.4lb. Wow - three days below.
Ketostix: negative

Breakfast - Cals: 458; Fat: 42g; Net Carbs: 1g; Protein: 17g
1 M&S sausage, 1 hardboiled egg, mayonnaise

Lunch - Cals: 5680; Fat: 52g; Net Carbs: 0g; Protein: 26g
160g pork chop, salad, mayonnaise

Dinner - Cals: 403; Fat: 15g; Net Carbs: 1g; Protein: 37g
100g pollock, 100g cauliflower, baked in Cheddar and cream cheese sauce

Snacks - Cals: 400; Fat: 38g; Net Carbs: 3g; Protein: 11g
cashew nuts, 1 M&S sausage, mayo.

Daily totals: Cals: 1,828; Fat: 147g; Net Carbs: 6g; Protein: 91g

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