Monday, 26 January 2009


Summary of weekly averages:
week 1: Cals: 2118; Fat: 144g; Net Carbs: 17.7g; Protein: 118g
week 2: Cals: 1698; Fat: 138.4g; Net Carbs: 8.7g; Protein: 102g

Having reduced my calories by over 400 per day, and my net carbohydrates by half, what difference has the last week made to my weight. NONE! Let's see what happens this week ...

Morning weigh-in "stall-weight" + 0.3lb.
Ketostix negative.

Breakfast - Cals: 503; Fat: 41g; Net Carbs: 2g; Protein: 30g
50g bacon, 2 eggs, fried in butter

Lunch - Cals: 237; Fat: 16g; Net Carbs: 0g; Protein: 23g
100g chicken fried in butter, with mayo

Dinner - Cals: 474; Fat: 38g; Net Carbs: 2g; Protein: 26g
100g roast pork loin with cauliflower cheese

Snacks - Cals: 269; Fat: 18g; Net Carbs: 2g; Protein: 24g
100g chicken breast with mayo
cashew nuts

Daily totals: Cals: 1482; Fat: 112g; Net Carbs: 7g; Protein: 103g

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