Monday, 19 January 2009

A new week, and another new start.

Morning weigh-in - "stall-weight"

Daily average from 8 - 15 January inclusive: Net carbs: 18g, Cals: 1,815

I've maintained my stall-weight for twelve weeks, almost three whole months, and that's far too long. Desperate times call for desperate measures so I'm going to try deliberately controlling my calories, while staying low-carb. However, I will not be going for a low-calorie diet, but one based on the requirements of a me that is 10% lighter!

So, being really strict with myself, this is what I'm aiming for:
1750 - 1850 calories per day
135 - 140 g fat per day [or 63% of total calories]
10 g carbs per day [or 5% of total calories]
130 - 140 g protein per day [or 27% of total calories]
8 cups of water per day

Breakfast - Cals: 665; Fat: 54g; Net Carbs: 2g; Protein: 39g
75g bacon
180g eggs
butter for frying

Lunch - Cals: 238; Fat: 15g; Net Carbs: 1g; Protein: 23g
100g chicken breast
butter for frying
1 tbs mayonnaise

Dinner - Cals: 709; Fat: 59g; Net Carbs: 6g; Protein: 36g
100g lamb shoulder
scalloped cabbage (p 70 The Low-Carb Gourmet by Karen Barnaby)

Snacks - Cals: 238; Fat: 15; Net Carbs: 1g; Protein: 23g
as lunch

Daily totals: Cals: 1,849; Fat: 144g; Net Carbs: 10g; Protein: 112g

If calories don't count, then I'll thcream and thcream and thcream until I'm thick!!

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  1. Good luck Megan. I've switched to counting the calories too, and it's working for me, though I'm on 1400 a day.


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